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Our diverse and reliable fleet will get you where you need to go on land, water, or snow/ice. Scroll down and see everything we have to offer!


The powerhouses of our fleet, the Supervans get their name from the upgraded engine - a 900 or 950 horsepower Garrett conversion. The three in our fleet are very capable aircraft, perfect bush machines for the Yukon!

  • 9 passengers, or up to 3,000 lbs of freight

  • Lumber up to 16 ft

  • 7 drums per load

  • 170 kts-200 mph-315 km/h

  • IFR certified, turbine engine

  • Exceptional short field capability

  • Bush strip capable

  • Camp mobilization and demobilization

  • Wide freight door for loading quads, drills, fuel drums etc

  • Three in fleet (Two 900hp, One 950hp)

  • Whitehorse based

SKS thorn.jpg


Our quickest birds in the sky! The twin engine, retractable gear Navajos are the best way to move 3-5 people or a lighter load wherever you need to go. We have two in our fleet ready to cruise in almost any weather conditions..

  • 5 Passenger or 1800 lb. payload

  • IFR Certified

  • 175 kts-202 mph-325 km/h cruise

  • Camp mobilization and demobilization

  • Can operate off 1800 ft. Long Gravel Strips

  • Two in the fleet

  • Whitehorse based




A true Canadian legend, the Beaver is a classic bushplane. Perfect for your lake or river access out of Whitehorse, YT in the summer and your frozen destination in the winter.

  • 6 Passenger or up to 1200lb. Payload

  • 100 kts-115 mph-185 km/h cruise

  • Camp mobilization and demobilization

  • Outfitter/Hunting/Fishing/Rafting etc.

  • Equipped with Alaska Freight Door and Cabin Extension

  • Lumber up to 12 ft

  • Fuel Hauls

  • Drill Moves

  • Whitehorse based

FKL skis.jpg


Our Cessna 206 has slightly larger tires to accommodate rougher strips and is very capable in short field situations. Comfy seating and a large cargo door make this a very cost effective choice for moving 3

  • 3 passengers and gear or up to 1200 lbs

  • 130 kts-150 mph-240km/h

  • Large cargo door (accommodates drums)

  • Excellent short-field take off and landing performance

  • Larger tires to accommodate rougher strips/gravel bars etc

  • Whitehorse based

FPWM Carcross.jpg
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