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Our diverse and reliable fleet will get you where you need to go.
Scroll down and see everything we have to offer!


The powerhouses of our fleet, the Supervans get their name from the upgraded engine - a 900 or 950 horsepower Garrett conversion. The three in our fleet are very capable aircraft, perfect bush machines for the Yukon!

  • 9 passengers, or up to 3,000 lbs of freight

  • Lumber up to 16 ft

  • 7 drums per load

  • 170 kts-200 mph-315 km/h

  • IFR certified into know icing conditions

  • Upgrade Texas Turbine engine

  • Exceptional short field capability

  • Bush strip capable

  • Camp mobilization and demobilization

  • Wide freight door for loading quads, drills, fuel drums etc

  • Three in fleet (Two 900hp, One 950hp)

  • Whitehorse based


Our quickest birds in the sky! The twin engine, retractable gear Navajos are the best way to move 3-5 people or a lighter load wherever you need to go.

  • 5 passenger or up to 1600 lb. payload

  • IFR Certified into known icing conditions

  • 175 kts-202 mph-325 km/h cruise

  • Camp mobilization and demobilization

  • Can operate off 1800 ft. Long Gravel Strips

  • Whitehorse based


Our Cessna 206 has slightly larger tires to accommodate rougher strips and is very capable in short field situations. Comfy seating and a large cargo door make this a very cost effective choice for moving 3

  • 3 passengers and gear or up to 1000 lbs

  • 130 kts-150 mph-240km/h

  • Large cargo door (accommodates drums)

  • Short-field take off and landing performance

  • Larger tires to accommodate rougher strips

  • Whitehorse based

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